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Ask these questions: How many car payments are you making or have you made so far?  Do you use credit cards and making high interest?  Are you paying a mortgage payment?  What if there were a system that can deliver a way for you to recapture all of that cash outflow, dollar for dollar, and perhaps even better?  What would this ability do for you and your loved ones? These are exciting questions many people are craving to know if is possible to achieve with PBC Strategy. 


If you owned a bank, others would deposit their money in your bank, and you would hold it as available to them while maintaining the freedom to loan it to others.  If you are getting an interest rate on your money of 1% and someone is offering you an interest rate of 2%, do you realize that your investment just doubled? Your return on investment just went from 1 to 2, that is a 100% increase in your return. 


So consider how much banks are truly profiting or leveraging on your money/deposits when a savings account offers you less than 1% return on your money and the bank creates a loan with a 5%, 10% or even 30% interest rate. How much greater percentage wise is the bank’s return compared to yours? Of course this is to make a point of how banking system works but there are other factors of running a real bank, but you can apply the banking system concept to your PBC policy in your favor and control. 


In today’s market, the bank might offer to pay the depositor 1% interest for the “privilege” of them being able to deposit their money with them. In turn, the banker lend that dollar to someone else and charge anywhere from 2% to 27% to whatever the market allows. Sounds like good business? 

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