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The Year of



In January, with humble beginnings, Visionary leaders and Co-Founders Tom Lee and Cindy Tran, along with a Central Support Team of seven dedicated and loyal staffs, many of whom have worked with them in past businesses and ventures, began operations by opening a 6,000 square foot office in Orange, California. They announced a bold and aggressive plan for year one.

By the 2nd quarter, the company was off to a great start with over 100 plus financial professionals coming on board from more than five states. With operations in the infancy stage, Corporate Central Support Team worked around the clock to build the foundation of the company, aligning them with the founders’ vision of building the Agency of the Future.

In the 3rd quarter, the company introduced the Personal Banking Concept. A new paradigm begins within the organization.

As the year came to a close, Wealth Space was excited to announce that the field force had grown to more than 500 life licensed agents contracted, and more than 1,500 total independent Members having joined. The company proudly promoted 5 leaders to Chief Field Officers (CFO). 

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