The Year Of




The year 2020 has brought tremendous growth for the company along with the integration of cutting-edge technology. In the 1st quarter Wealth Space presented its first Train-the-Trainer Invitation in Southern California. The top 150 Field Vice Presidents were in attendance. The highlight of the event was the promotion of three new Chief Field Officers.

In the 2nd quarter CEO and Co-Founder Tom Lee announced a 5-year Business Plan for the company and its strategy to recruit and train 25,000 licensed Field Leaders by the year 2025.

The power of technology, coupled with visionary leadership, can create efficiency, increasing growth and success, both for the company and its agents. During the 3rd quarter Wealth Space introduced the Paymaster Suite platform and DZIGN Pro software, and an exclusive Alternative Asset Channel partner/vendor with more than a 50-million-dollar Real Estate portfolio.